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If you’ve ever been locked out of your house before it can be very frustrating, be sure to give us a call whenever you’re in that situation, we can be to your location within 20 minutes of your call and let you inside your home no problem! Maybe you lost your key that’s why you were locked out? At A2Z Locksmith San Gabriel, we can rekey the locks for you or make you a new key just like your old one. Rekeying has its advantages as the old keys you might of lost will no longer work and in doing so eliminate the threat of someone finding your key and gaining access to your home. Otherwise we can make a key just like the one you had lost from the lock itself.

When it comes to our home, it houses our belongings, possessions and most importantly our family, we want it to be as safe as possible. Home security is an essential need. Call a locksmith today to assess the strength of your security system, we can take a look, determine what would be the best fit security wise for you and your home. Our locksmiths will assess your setting and assign security products accordingly, you will have a tailor made security system made specifically for you and your home.

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If you’ve lost a key or have had your home broken into, you need to give a locksmith a call right away. If your house has been broken into your security system has been tampered with and could be vulnerable to another break-in. Get it fixed now with a professional locksmith, or get the locks replaced. High-security locks are always a great fit for homes. If you need your locks replaced, consider getting high-security locks for your home, they could save you a lot of trouble. Also If you’ve lost a key a great solution is to rekey the doors. This makes your old keys you might of lost obsolete and only the new keys we make for you useful.

This way if anyone has found your keys they will not work anymore, and any potential threats of that nature are gone. Otherwise, we can simply make another key from the current lock and key system, making a key just like the one you had lost, and the old keys will still work. Call A2Z Locksmith San Gabriel today!

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