Rekey Locksmith

At San Gabriel we can rekey just about any kind of lock at any location:-

☑ New Home  ☑ Apartment, House, Condo  ☑ Office Building

☑ Shared Entrances  ☑ Master Key Systems  ☑ Shop Fronts

☑ Retail Store  ☑ Restaurants  ☑ Safes

☑ Mailbox  ☑ Storage Units  ☑ Filing Cabinet

☑ Office Desk  ☑ Lockers

For Rekey locksmith Services in San Gabriel

For further information on rekeying possibilities call (626) 472-1057 and speak to one of our guides who will be happy to answer any question you have to the best of their ability. When it comes to rekeying, Rekey San Gabriel really do provide services that are a level above the rest.  Being in the locksmith trade for many years gives us a huge advantage of insider knowledge and skills as well as knowing San Gabriel and nearby locations inside and out making it really quick to get to you.

Rekeying is a really awesome service that should be performed by a skilled technician using the right tools and having the appropriate knowledge. If not it could lead to new locks unnecessarily having to be installed. Rekeying is a procedure that alters the internal pins inside the locks waivers so that they fit to a brand new key. So if you lost your keys to your home and are worried that they may have fallen into untrustworthy hands this will be the best service for you as rekeying means the old key will be unusable and will no longer open your door. Our handy technician will make you a set of brand new keys on the spot that fit exactly to the new waiver configuration of the lock. Rekeying can often be the more cost effective option instead of a new lock installation, it can be performed in almost all instances but there are some locks that cannot be rekeyed. Also if the internal parts of the lock are damaged in anyway then a rekey will not be successful the only option would be to install new locks. Rekey San Gabriel has a trustworthy team of technicians that we dispatch straight to your locations. They will provide you with an excellent rekeying service rapidly but to the very best quality at very competitive prices. Rekey San Gabriel is a 24/ 7 service provider so you can call any time day or night, in an emergency or to schedule an appointment we can handle all requests. With 100% customer satisfaction rates you won’t be sorry to use us.


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